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Review of App Dev Secrets

make your own app ebookDo you want to become an “app developer” someday, but you’re afraid that learning the skill may be very costly or time-consuming? Well, I had that fear too. However, my curiosity towards developing apps has led me to look for tools and techniques on how to make your own app, which are not just affordable, but also very effective.


I recently discovered  a  quite comprehensive and beneficial method on how to make your own app,  even if you don’t have programming or web design skills and training. The technique or method’s name is the App Dev Secrets, and it promises to fully train or teach you how to create iPhone or iPad apps in  just four weeks, and “strike pay dirt with the app on the App store”. And so I purchased the program, and analyzed if it could really offer me something profitable and productive. Here’s my review of the App Dev Secrets.

Quick Background Overview of This “Make Your Own App” Software

The App Dev Secrets is a unique and innovative program which teaches you how to make your own app quickly and efficiently. The program  guides you, and  shows you just how to  go from a total neophyte or beginner iPhone app developer, all the way to towards creating and selling your own line of unique and profitable apps in the Apple app store. What’s so great about the course is that it doesn’t require you to have any prior programming or other technical skills just to get started.


The training course is created towards making absolute beginners break their way into the very profitable app industry. Well, if you don’t know it yet, over four billion apps have already been downloaded from the Apple Store, and today there are more than 250,000 approved apps being sold in the Apple app store today too! The program’s author has already made a lot of money designing apps, in just a single month by using the methods that he personally devised.


One Of The Finest Android App Creator So Far…

The App Dev Secrets program follows a very basic and easy-to-understand approach to designing popular and potentially-lucrative apps. The training program on how to make your own app is spread over four weeks. Let’s discuss how the android apps development course runs.


  1. Week One. During week one, you will be trained on how to get off the ground quickly with app development. At this stage, you will learn how to come up with unique and fresh ideas on how to create and put together your own app development team, and how to get the budget required for getting started efficiently. In this phase, you will also learn how to differentiate between  iPhone, iPad app game  development.
  2. Week Two. On week two of your training, you will learn the basics of programming, although this course won’t be too technical or hard to grasp. Instead, you will easily learn the basics of different types of programs used for creating a wide array of apps. Week two will also focus on determining what software to use, and which one is applicable for iPad or iPhone apps.
  3. Week Three. On week three of your training, you will learn about design, audio and motion effects, so that you will have a deeper understanding of how these elements fit together, especially within the framework of your app. On this week, you will also learn about 2D and 3D animation, including character creation.  This phase is also very easy to understand, even if you do not have any idea  about animation, 2D or 3D design and other more technical matters.
  4. Week Four. On this very crucial phase of training, you will focus more on how to publish and successfully market or sell your iPhone or iPad apps. On this week, you will also learn how to  determine your target audience, as well as how to advertise your apps and market them to potential buyers. In addition, you will learn about pricing techniques, as well as learn how to quickly get accepted into the Apple app store.


By learning app development from this online course, instead of just reading from a book, you will not just quickly and efficiently grasp the basics on how to make your own app, but you will also learn how the professionals design their award winning and truly profitable apps, as well as show you how to market and sell them in the Apple app store.


What Makes This Android App Maker So Good

There are a lot of things that make the course on how to make your own app so useful and unique. Let’s list down a few of its many benefits.


  • The App Dev Secrets course is perhaps the most complete and most updated app-development course that is offered today. The training materials are also continually updated, so that the person taking the course will stay abreast with all changes and enhancements.
  • The entire course is also devoted to teaching you how to effectively market and sell your iPhone or iPad apps. It also teaches you the do’s and don’ts on how to become a best-seller on the Apple App Store.
  • The course is also so easy to learn, that even a complete newbie will have no problems with understanding the program’s concepts.  But if you know advanced programming techniques, the course will of course be very beneficial to you too.


What Makes It Bad?

Well, the course on how to make your own app is so easy-to-understand and is very comprehensive. But for some, it “still requires them to come up with their own idea for an app or game”.


My Final Verdect of This Android App Creator

The App Dev Secrets is perhaps the most comprehensive yet so easy to learn course on how to make your own app. It offers straightforward concepts and learning methods, which would help you quickly get started on your quest towards becoming a successful and profitable app creator and designer. And like any other training program out there, the course requires full dedication, determination and practice. If you focus on learning the concepts and applying them right, you’ll quickly be on your way to app-development success.




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